Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Hip Handmade Holiday Guide for Xmas

The Craft Pack
Im getting all Christmasy here at My Handmade Heart, I have a small market stall for charity at work coming up soon and im busy making Xmas bunting and gift tags and decorations and thinking about putting some stuff in the store.

Im also prepping our little apartment for the holidays with a Xmas tree drawn in chalk on the inside of our yellow front door, decorated with Polli design decs and a Gods Eye tree topper and finishing off painting pinecones in multicolour harlequin pattern ready for the proper tree to be set up!

I cant reist a bit of colour at this time of year (who am I kidding, I cant resist colour at all!) and usually cant handle the traditional or matchy matchy Xmas colours and themes that seem to repeat themselves every Xmas. I think this is possibly a hangover from my Visual Merchandising days when Christmas started in September and consisted of dust and glitter, "fluffing" trees (yes thats what they call it, I was a great Fluffer!) and garlands and scratches all over my hands and arms, although I have to admit there is still a big part of me that misses it and i've found myself fondly staring at the PO boats sail past our beach recently, even though I hated decorating those the most!

So Christmas is on my brain and I wanted to share this GREAT Xmas Craft pack I found the other day.
Its made guessed it The Craft Pack, the Craft Pack consists of three crafty geniuses that are dedicated to sharing fun, accessible, and well-designed crafts with the world.

The holiday guide they have designed is seriously AMAZING, the projects are unique, funky and modern with a nod to the traditional and for once there are some REALLY great crafty gifts for guys!
Always a hard one only $10!

 Now all I have to do is decide which crafts to make...........and then find the time!

The Craft Pack

The Craft Pack

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

My Love and I spent the weekend in a tiny country town called Henty, where some friends have purchased property just recently, it was such a nice break and I feel so at home in wide open spaces like that.

I could have stayed forever..............instead I wandered 

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Xmas Gift Tags - Free Printable

Its been a while since I written a blog post, gosh life gets in the way sometimes! 
I've been busy catching up on my day job and my evening job, thinking about My Handmade Heart (instead of doing) and getting ready for the fast approaching Silly Season!

We have a small charity Christmas Market at my Day Job and among my other products I have decided to sell some Xmas items. 

I created these cute Gift tags (and some matching paper Bunting Flags - keep your eyes peeled later next week for that one) in a mix of hand drawn fonts.  I've been hole punching and threading cotton and hemp twine onto mine and I will definitely be using these for my gifts this year!

So, to celebrate the coming of Christmas and help you all feel a bit more organised............... I have included these tags as a free download for all my lovely readers. 

Just CLICK on the Image below and you will be taken directly to the file in PDF.

Happy Christmas Crafting  to all!