Thursday, October 22, 2009

Advent Calender

I made this advent calender yesterday, inspired by the one in BH&G but totally different.
I was going to see if the shop wanted this one but im not sure as it hangs a bit wonky..........I might just keep it for myself!

Beige linen, 24 patch pockets with raw seams, block printed numbers and hung by driftwood.

My Creative Space....on Overdrive

Whoa Nelly...............ive gone from being a Hermit like creature with not much doing and not much to being super super busy with everything.
Literally in the last 5 days things have started hotting up.

First i got a call back for a 2nd job interview (yet to hear the results)

Then i do AMAZINGLY at the Markets!

Then i get my products stocked in a real life (BEAUTIFUL) homewares more orders! Please check out Leaf Home in Newport if your in the Northern Beaches area!

Then i get accepted to do next months markets (AARRGH Panic Stations beacuse i sold almost everything at the first one.........quick to the sewing machine!)

Then today........i had a job interview for the perfect job for me right now!

Below are just some of the items im working on at the moment:

Awesome vintage tea towels to be turned into Bunting
Paper Garlands galore
Hanging Hearts a plenty
Origami Cherry Blossoms and gorgeous kids books for paper!

So Creative back!

Monday, October 19, 2009

ETSY Update

For anyone who missed out on a product they liked at the markets yesterday or wants to commsion somthing custom.............. my ETSY store has been updated with what i have left in stock and i am happy to take any orders.

Just click on the button in the right side bar to take you straight there!

What a Wonderful Day!

I had my Market debut yesterday and what a coming out it was!

I felt so special all day (despite having a bit of a hangover) and everyone was so positive and complimentary about my products and teh way i presented it all. I really felt so wonderful and validated to see everyday people appreciating my work!

A quick note to all the amazing people who stopped by to chat and say hello.......THANK YOU! There were a number of you who came back a couple of times and it really meant so much to me to see that you all loved what i had created.

For all the wonderful suggestions too....THANK YOU!

Especially to the lady in the lovley brown dress who dropped back to give me an apple when i was dying of hunger........your suggestion of Origami Xmas decorations has really got me thinking and if i manage to get a spot a next months market i will definitely have some there for you!

So all in all a wonderful about to head out in a bit to drop of some custom orders and some stock on loan to a new Homewares store in my area, hopefully they will like what they see and who knows this could be the start of something big.


I SOLD all these and MUCH much much more yesterday!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Im Back i think ive had a long enough blog break.

Apologies for my abscence............things have been a little foggy and mixed up for me in the last few weeks but the fog is slowly clearing hopefully and I thought I should take the opportunity to get back on the blog horse.

I was MIA because of issues to do with losing my job, this is always a stressful thing at anytime but it was particularly stresssul and upsetting for me this time because my Boss is actually my Mum too. You see i've worked for my parents for the last four years........its been hard to get past the personal hurt but im sure that things will get better soon.

Whist being unemployed i have had alot of craft on the go, finishing off projects, getting ready for the markets, and watching lots of DVD's..........too many really. I will post some pics later.

I had a positive job interview today (not my dream job but it will pay the bills) and im having my first market stall on sunday.

So things are looking up really............cross your fingers for me?