Thursday, April 29, 2010



  • My Pretty Pastel Paper Origami Dresses and Accessories for a Custom Order
  • Hanging Willow Branches covered with my Handmade Whimsical Decorations
  • Tall Ships bathed in Green Light
  • Beach Combing

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Awesome Amazing Oversized Super Cool Stripey Cushion

I have been making this for My Love over the last few weeks, My Love is BIG on lounging, particularly on the floor but so far hes only had a European cushion to lie on. He helped me choose some of the colours and requested that it be hard and squishy and VERY big.

So yesterday I finished it off, sewed a cushion for it and stuffed it full of fabric scraps and bits of polyfill to get that "hard and squishy" texture and lugged it upstairs for the unveiling.

I do recommend using your fabrics scraps as filler, it makes a mouldable supportive cushion, but be warned if your doing something this size you will end up with an EXTREMELY heavy cushion.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ive been thinking about the way my style and my design aesthetic has been changing since i started crafting and the Blog was definitely in need of an update.

Im trying to avoid anything too "Kidsy" now, everyone is doing it and there really isnt much money in it at the local markets. Ive found my paper art and mobiles have been the most popular and my artistic tendancys have me leaning toward doing more artistic ideas and concepts for my latest projects.........I just have to get my head around a new way of thinking and creating.
In the mean time I have my new Hipstamtic to keep me entertained and whose lovley photoness I have to thank for my cool new blog header...............what do you think?

Anyone else discovered Hipstamatic yet? Its so COOL!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Escapades

Just a few pics of my Easter Long Weekend.
A quiet and lovley restful time which i sorely needed.
  • Made Cakes
  • Admired flowers bought for me by My Love (2 Bunches if you please!)
  • Watched documentarys
  • Cleaned
  • Walked on the beach and around my neighbourhood ( P.S. How cool is my local Cinema and the FUNKY patchwork building?!)
  • Made a Winter Picnic Kit (sans Picnic)
  • Made a cardboard tree, then in a moment of genius decided to hot glue driftwood to it..........half way done and LOVING it!
  • Continued crocheting HUGE stripey floor cushion cover.
Hope you all had as nice a weekend as i did.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Bunny Day

Happy Easter From Me and my very own little Easter Bunny.

This is Mr Issaac Mendez Esq, Issaac is a velveteen mini lop, he has been the light of our lives now for over 3 years and fills our lives with bunny cuddles, giggles and to cute for words moments.
He asked me to put this early photo of him up as he's a but podgier these days and uncomfortable about his looks. He spends his days free roaming around our apartment, chewing cardboard, digging the carpet and running in and out of every possible tunnel like structure he finds .

He is our Chocolate Easter Bunny, and its Easter all year round with a bunny in the house!