Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A return to simplicity


To say its been a long time between posts seems like an understatement at this stage!
January 2015 was the last time I wrote anything and its now November 2017!!!

Alot has changed in our world.
Ive ummed and ahhed for a while about returning to blogging. After 7 years this space really feels like home but my life has change significantly since I started My Handmade Heart and now feels like the right time to close this chapter and begin a new one.

When I first started this blog it was to explore and share the crafts I was making after just discovering a passion for the handmade. People started encouraging me to sell my crafts and soon My Handmade Heart became a business. I did ok......not great, I just never had the drive to make en-masse and as an artist my motivations and insirations were constantly changing. I had a few highs and a few lows and before my daughters (you've met Mini and Tiny was just added recently) arrived was doing quite well with ETSY online sales and through Instagram.

Then motherhood took over.......I dabbled in making and art and continued to share on instagram but the store remained closed and even my plans for a Sale to get rid of existing items were forgotten. The more I immeresed myself in the world of mothering the more I saw how much I missed the real reason I had started crafting in the first place.

The first thing I ever really made properly were 3 lap quilts made from my grandfathers shirts after he had passed away. I think that speaks volumes about what I believe good handmade craft should be - personal, homey, imperfect, full of stories and most importantly made with love.

I havent pulled out my sewing machine in years (save to make the odd pillow for the couch) but my making days continue. These days you will find me in my new/old home, making mountains of washing that never get put away, making vegetables appear magically from the ground, making new and exciting experiences for my daughters, making time to spend with my children just playing, making crafts and paintings galore with my toddler, making plans to sleep again (one day).

With that in mind Ive decided now is the time to close this chapter and start a new one.
If I ever do return to selling and making I'll be coming back as My Handmade Heart, so this space will remain open untill that day. 

In the meantime you can find me in my new/old farmhouse, in the hidden hills of Sydney, doing all sorts of good things with plants, dirt, kids, family and exploring a simpler life at The-Family-Croft 


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Life Lately

Remember I told you I was getting a new camera for Xmas? Well, Ive been having lots of fun playing photographer with it! Im not quite brave enough to take it off Auto yet but its such a joy to be taking real photographs again and its been a shift in the way I think about images too which is interesting.

Im busy busy busy at the moment so will leave you with some snapshots for now.
I will be back very soon with some EXCITING news and lots of  updates and new things for My Handmade Heart.

Friday, January 2, 2015

25 for 2015

Ive never liked the idea of  new years resolutions, they always seem to be huge unattainable goals that never get completed, and then the next year you promise yourself all over again and the cycle repeats. When I saw Sophies list of 30 goals over on Her Library Adventures, I thought it was such a great idea, why hit yourself with the pressure of a big New Years resolution when you can give yourself a list of smaller attainable goals to achieve over the year, things that you really WANT to do rather than the thing you think you should do.
I sat down and started to type and the list came tumbling out, small goals, and big dreams, feelings manifested in intention. Im really excited to see if I can tick some of these things off in 12 months time, they are all things that Ive been wanting to do for a long time......... places I need to visit, things I want to focus on, ways to cleanse my soul and be happier in my new life as a mama.
So here is my list......25 Goals for 2015
  1. Try my hand at jams and preserves
  2. Create less waste in the kitchen and use all of what we have
  3. Organise the pantry and make the kitchen a place I want to spend time in
  4. Make my own bread
  5. Reconnect with my friends and make time to hang out more often
  6. Travel more often as a family
  7. Visit my extended family and friends in Byron Bay
  8. Start to practice Yoga again
  9. Reconnect with my spirituality
  10. Take time to notice the small things
  11. Sew some clothes for Kirra
  12. Re-design Kirras bedroom
  13. Reduce the clutter in our home
  14. Streamline my wardrobe keeping only items that I love to wear 
  15. Turn our bedroom into the sanctuary it should be
  16. Create a space to work on my art
  17. Organise and cull my craft supplies
  18. Take time to just make for the fun of it
  19. Spend some serious time working on my shop
  20. Have a market stall
  21. Use technology less
  22. Read more 
  23. Learn a new skill
  24. Get on top of our finances and start saving for our dream future
  25. Dream BIG, live simply


A Handmade Xmas

Xmas was a simple handmade affair for us this year........with a tiny budget and all the chaos (beautiful chaos) of 2014 I wanted something simple, quiet and homely.
I  toned down my Xmas decorations and went with a simple all white decorated tree, some stockings and a cornstarch clay star garland. I handmade a bunch of gifts for family - Homemade Laundry Liquid, Preserved Lemons, Cinnamon Popcorn and Baby Handprints in cornstarch clay for the Grandparents. I also made a couple of special gifts for Kirra, her first doll and a mini house cushion.

In the end we did not have a quiet simple Xmas day (what Xmas day ever is?) and entertained both our families all day at our tiny apartment, it was overwhelming to say the least and I dont even remember sitting down to watch my daughter open presents but I know she had a wonderful day and enjoyed being spoiled and cuddled by her family and that is all that matters.

Heres some snapshots of our Christmas.