Monday, December 22, 2014

Life Lately

Just some snapshots of what i've been up to lately (fomerly known as Weekly Wanderings)
  • Making homely Xmas presents this year, money tight and Ive been forced to come up with other options, its been nice.
  • Hanging out with my baby girl who is growing so fast and has just started to crawl 
  • Going for walks around our neighbourhood
  • An exciting new opportunity to teach a Pajaki workshop in the New Year (more on that soon!)
  • A very very sad goodbye to my best friend of 8 years, my bunny boy Isaac. He was so unwell toward the end and we were forced to help him over the rainbow bridge, by far the hardest decision of my life
  • An exciting day out, Tinkering with Textiles at an Alfalky workshop (I will update on my experience very soon)


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Room for a Modern Little Miss

Ive been thinking about updating my daughters nursery lately, actually the whole apartment really. Now that shes showing signs of being mobile my expertly placed clutter and decorative items all seem dangerous and with all the baby stuff everywhere the place is starting to feel chaotic.

I will be starting with our bedroom and Kirras nursery, moving furniture around and clearing out things we really dont need. In the meantime I've been dreaming about my ultimate style has changed since becoming a mother and I'm feeling a need for a more clean modern minimal look although I could never give up colour!
I started by choosing a focal piece, I found a whole bunch of beautiful pieces on the Invaluable website

I searched and searched their extensive list of paintings (Find them here and finally settled on this beautiful abstract which made me think of my daughter.

The palette for this room was lead by the painting with its rich pinks and  blue tones and pops of yellow.
I focused on bringing out the blues with a mix of natural and white furnishings and a little touch of the pinks and yellows in the bedding. The heroes of this room are without doubt the beautiful Gillian Ayres artwork, the incredibly cool cot from Incy and the gorgeous rug by Armadillo & Co

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Alfalky Workshop

I'm very very excited at the moment because I'm going to an all day make and create workshop next weekend led by the talented Alex Falkiner. I was lucky enough to win an Instagram giveaway to attend and to say I'm really looking forward to it would be an understatement! 

First of all this will be my first full day away from my daughter and I'm looking forward to being able to focus my attention on something completely for a whole day, I manage to get bits and pieces done at home but I'm never completely focused, a full interrupted day of art is such a luxury right now! Also I'm interested to see how hubby goes looking after Kirra for a full day, I'm sure he'll be fine but I'm glad he will be getting a taste of my current life (if only he could do the night feeds too!) 
Most of all I'm just busting to create, it's been nine long months without much time for my favourite hobbies and with summer coming on and the change of season in the if the timing feels so right to start making again in earnest.
I can already feel my creativity returning in anticipation, just this week I have already made my daughter 2 dresses and 4 headbands, put up the Christmas tree and done some Christmas chalk art on our front door! 

Here's is some of Alex's work..........I love her use of colour and form to create whimsical  and surprising pieces.