Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Beautiful Valentines Feast for Friends

I have some lovely creative friends out there in the inter-web and I love it when the lines cross and those people you know only through IG or FB end up being friends of people you know in real life! My good friend Putri & I have known each other for a few years after working together in retail and have stayed in touch since. I have often heard P talking about a creative friend she share her crafting adventures with but I had no idea I had already been following her friend Katie Wohl on IG for a while!

It only dawned on me when they both shared photos of this gorgeous Valentines feast they we were all connected in a small way! Together they designed and made some gorgeous details like as the "Arrow Hearts" you see here and beautiful Paper Flowers (available in Katie's ETSY store) they included my "Sweet Love" banner that both P & I used at our weddings.

I love that this dinner party wasn't exclusively for couples but for the "girls" such a great way to celebrate your friendships!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Love Day

We don't really "DO" Valentines day in my family. 
The hubby and I will usually mark the occasion with a handmade card (actually that's me, hubby doesn't usually do much at all!) or sometimes some flowers if I'm lucky. This year will be much the same, 1 day away from Pay Day (monthly pay sucks the big one!) and we wont be doing much. 
What can you do for Valentines with no money, no gifts, no flowers and no commercialism you ask? 
Isn't that what valentines all about? (Note to readers: Im do love love...........I'm not really that cynical!)
Well..............How about a romantic dinner for 2?

You might be like Hubby and I and dining on Eggs and Soldiers that night (fridge empty etc etc) but it doesn't mean you cant do it in style!
I created this little Valentines dinner nook in less than 30 minutes using materials and props from around our home. Glass jars with floral sprays and succulents make great displays. Layer your plates and bowls for a pretty place setting with details like the Heart Napkin rings you see here and candles galore..........they are always good at creating the right ambience.
Cut a few hearts out of Paper (or coloured leather as I have done here) and stick them on jars and around the room for decoration. You can use these to create napkin holders, garlands, jumbo confetti to scatter round the room............the possibilities are endless!
You could use ANY colour combination you like! Valentines doesn't always have to be pink & red!

Love to you all!