Monday, January 30, 2012

Can I Run Away From it All?

I am about to have a Nervous Breakdown (or am possibly already having one!)

Deciding to DIY my wedding sounded great 12 months ago..............but with 1 month to go, I'm seriously stressed and wondering why we didnt decide to Elope?!

To top it off, being out of work for 3 months last year has made a huge dent in what little savings we had and my poor parents are having to deal with the fallout which i feel incredibly guilty about!

I would NEVER leave my man standing at the altar...........however...........these images are really resonating with me right now....................but its more like all the things im supposed to be organising are chasing me than im running away

Friday, January 20, 2012

"Vintage" Mason/ Jam Jars - Tutorial

Anyone who's been hanging around wedding blogs lately will know that the latest "uber-prop" for wedding is recycled gass bottles and mason jars................also those same people who hang around wedding blogs will also know that "Vintage" is the way to go! I am planning and DIYing my own wedding at the moment (6 weeks to go EEEEEK!)and as I am also doing "The Mason Jar" thing, I though I would share the process im using to turn ordinary modern glass jars into "Vintage" jam jars for flowers and display.

See below for all the instructiony bits and if you want to do the same but cant find any lables, have a look HERE, HERE and HERE.....thats just a start though the interweb is filled with free vintagey goodness..............just google it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sail Away..........


9 Little paper ships (made from Golden Books) sail in the wind on this beautiful mobile.
Strung on a bamboo ring, the little ships are folded out of vintage book pages and strung on invisible line. Surrounding them are sea shells and driftwood pieces.

This gorgeous one of a kind mobile is sailing off to the US of A soon to a very lovley customer!!!

Check out the other items in my ETSY store HERE.........

Friday, January 6, 2012

Cool Chicks that like Flowers

Ive discovered a couple of blogs in the last few days and I'm totally blown away with the originality of these creative teams!

First - The Flower Drum - the floral love child of super stylish (and appropriately named) Holly Hipwell and the musical Mylee Grace.

They create awesomely amazing floral designs, from flowers bombs & crowns, to re-coloured blooms and everything you didn't think of doing with flowers!

The Flower Drum currently has a Pop-Up Store at The Sugarmill in Narrabeen just down the road from me (tres exciting!)........Pop by the Pop-Up if your on the Northern Beaches.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Handmade Wedding Invitations

I finished and posted our Wedding Invitations the other day and now that they have been sent I can share the design with you all !!

I have been working on my dream DIY wedding for a year now and always wanted to do as much myself as possible (although I may have bitten off more than I can chew!
Our theme is Vintage Australian, I wanted to centre the design of the theme around our love for all things Australian and our AMAZING location!

We are getting married at our local Sailing Club, which is a bare bones 1950's weatherboard building with a HUGE deck overlooking Pittwarer on Sydneys Northern Beaches.......

The Stationary was designed in 3 parts -

1: The Invitation : A simple design I created using sillouhettes of my hairstyle and my (soon to be) Hubbys hairstyle, cut out of vintage wallpaper samples and stuck on the printed Invitations - each heart, cut from the same wallpaper samples was a different colour reflecting my love of colour and the colours used in the decor.

2: The RSVP Postcard : These I designed using a photoshop brush of the back of a Vintage Postcard and on the front used old historical pictures of the Sailing Club back in the 1960's. I turned the photos sepia tone and added some colourful "Wish you were here........" and "Greetings from...." phrases

3: The Details: I wanted to keep most of the Stationary simple and included all the details my guests will need to know on a seperate sheet of paper. This included - Dress Code, Times, Transport & Parking, Information on Children and the Venue. I used a pic of flowering gum leaves to convey the Australian style!

So.............What do you think? Im a bit chuffed that I managed to get them all sent finally!
Im no graphic designer but im giving myself a pat on the back for this one!

More DIY wedding projects coming soon!