Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Little Present for Myself

YAY, This book has been on my list of WANTS for a while and this morning i bought it!!!!

Making Madness - Projects in Progress

Projects in Progress. From the top.
  1. Baby Bears Blanket - Ready for quilting
  2. Cozy Hearts Baby Blanket - Finished this evening!!!
  3. A girlfriend for Ike - just gotta stitch the detail
  4. Birds and the Bears blanket - Ready for quilting
  5. Mr Moustache - a little guy im trying out, just gotta stitch the detail

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bombs Away - My Creative Space

So i was asked to show my untidy Creative Space as well today.
I described it as a Fabric Bomb which i think got people excited........who wouldnt love the idea of a fabric bomb! As you can see i wasn't exaggerating........fabric all over and everywhere!

In these Pictures

Fabric, fabric and more fabric
Lots and lots of scraps
Stuffing from an old pillow
My bunny template
Many many pairs of scissors
Golden Books and other childhood favourites
1 nearly finished quilt, 1 quilt top
Our binoculars for looking out to sea
Felt scraps
and loads more
..... off i go to clean it all up so we can actually use the living room!

A Thought

Image from "Now We Are Six" by A.A.Milne

Stationary Fun

Im's amazing what you can do with a bit of fun office stationary!

My Creative Space

My Creative Space this week is everywhere and anywhere. 
My living room looks like a fabric bomb has hit it. 
My dining table and coffee table are covered in odd scraps and bits of thread, pins and felt. 

Today My Creative Space was the bus this morning, where i did some hand sewing, and my office desk (above).

Right Here Right Now
Hand-sewn and un-sewn bunnies
My trusty Ipod
Sticky Tape - I love the stuff
Now We are Six by A.A.Milne - one of my favourite books as a kid, i had it on tape as well and i can still hear the soothing english voice when i read the poems now
HB Pencils - you can never have enough stationary supplies
Shop Till You  Drop - Fashion research for VM work
Pink Travel Craft Case
Animal rubber bands and Paper clips all set out for a photo

Oh and what you cant see is the all the admin work piled over to my right waiting for me to get to it.

Later Alligator
Making bunnys - a few for Handmade Help and a few to sell
Finishing Baby Cloths
Making another Ike - maybe an Ike-ette?
Cleaning always cleaning
Paying Bills
NOT Cooking (at least tonight)
Watering the plants and weeding the big empty pot plant out the back in prep for a new vegie patch
Making Quilted Baby blankets for Handmade Help

Head over to Kootoyoo to play along............HERE

My Two Bunnies


I put this little fella together last night out of some left over blanketing, i decided he was so lovely i had to make him some friends, so he has 5 more brothers and sisters on the way.

My real bunny Issaac (that's him in the top picture) wasn't to sure about the new bunny muscling in on his territory

More Handmade Help

I finished off another two sets of  Baby Burp cloths the other night, these little lovelies will hopefully make their way to a family who could use them, courtesy of the amazing ladies in Melbourne who have been co-ordinating the Handmade Help effort.

Meet Ike

My latest softie creation, im calling him Ike.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pure Genius on Doe-C-Doe

Image Here

I love Doe-C-Doe's blog, she is a wonderful designer with a beautiful aesthetic and great eye for photography.

The latest post is pure GENIUS! She has found some Barbie accessories at an estate sale and created a fantastic photo shoot.

I dont want to post her work without permission so have a look yourself HERE.........its worth it!

Flight of the Choncords Poster

I decided to mock up my own FOTC New Zealand Poster after watching the last epsisode 
(which was HILARIOUSLY about Jemaine falling for an Aussie girl called Kietha and how very very dangerous and bad Australians were for New Zealanders to mix with..........too funny) is my poster, based on the last one in Murray's Office.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Magic Possum

Every Australian child should have this one in thier collection. Beautiful Illustrations by Julie Vivas, i just discovered my childhood copy is signed by her!!!

I Will Always Love You

One of my favourite books as a child, very sad but very lovely.


Cole's Funny Picture Book

Either Pip, at Meet Me at Mikes is psychic or we're on the same wave length. 
She posted THIS blog about Mr E.W. Cole and his fabulous funny books for children.  

Im not making this up.........i was looking for my copy of this book yesterday. Pip you've given me extra drive to find this old favourite.........i just went to search under the house and HOORAY i found it!!!

Just had to scan in some of my favourite pages............including the "Baby Names" page just like Pip has (only mines been drawn on)!

Dreamy Drawings

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these illustrations by Julie Morstad

Read all about her in SMALL Magazine...........HERE

Baking Biscuits

I made Anzac biscuits last night. 

I've never made them before so i was quite happy with my first attempt. They were soft chewy in the middle and chewy hard on the outside. 


My Ikebana

My attempt at Ikebana, 
i didn't really follow the rules 
but i think it looks very pretty.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ikebana 101 To on Craftzine

It's Sunday morning and im still in my Pyjamas, cruising the net doing my usual blog rounds and happened upon this Ikebana tutorial by Brokkelyn Morris on the amazing Craftzine Blog. I just had to share this, these arrangements are like little snapshots of nature and i totally adore them.

I love Flowers and my house is always full of bunches that My Love brings home or that i pick on my walks. I will definitely be trying this out at home.

Take a look HERE for full instructions and heaps more pics

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Australian Tea Towel Bunting

Whipped this up today whilst watching Survivor.
I'm a bit sick of sewing right now but i always like to keep busy and thanks to my trusty Mod Podge this was a breeze to make.

I had some acrylic rope lying round and have a few of these Aussie Souvenir Tea Towels. Half an hour later.....hey presto....cute bunting!

Let There be Light

My mother gave me this lamp a few xmas's ago. I used to have it filed with shell's and in our bedroom untill Mr Bunny decided to chew the power cord. Nearly a year later its fixed but now faced with the prospect with what to fill in with...........i had an epiphany...Fabric Scraps!

No sewer/crafter likes to throw away the scraps after a project ...... just in case it might come in handy later. Now mine have!

Friday, February 20, 2009