Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weekday Wanderings

Oh How I LOVE my snapping away everywhere I can, here are some of the latest shots from places ive been and things ive picked up.

For those of you looking for My Creative Space...........scroll one post down.

My Creative Space

Its been a VERY long time since ive played along with this game............and OH MY how its grown in numbers!!!

I could sit here for hours checking out everybody elses Creative Spaces.

So here is my contribution, i've been messing around with watercolours and the always ever present Paper Cranes and Hearts.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ETSY Store Update

Naughty ME!!!!

My poor little ETSY store has been neglected lately, i went to visit it today and all my product listings had expired.

SO SORRY to anyone who visited and saw nothing................My Bad!

So heres an quick look at the items ive re-listed!

Please remember, if you like anything but want a different colour or fabric, email me and i can make anything your heart desires (to a only one person!)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lately & Today

My Blog seems to have turned into a visual diary lately, ive got lots of time to take pictures on the run, but no time to sit and document things properly or write a lengthy post.

So here again, is a run of pictures (& a few words), taken on my lovely hipstamtic over the weekend and today.

My Love and I went on an all expense paid trip to QLD for his "work", the work wasnt much and the all expenses paid included a VERY muddy but fun Music Festival in Noosa and lots of fun with friends.

Today I was all professional and had a meeting for my other-other job (I moonlight in Adult Education when im not being a Visual Merchandiser or running My Handmade Heart).

The meeting went long and I had to manage it by myself so I treated myself afterward to lunch at Lindt Cafe and bought a lovley selection of Macaroons for desert. As I traipsed through the city I took some more pics and when I got home I took even more of lovley things in my home that make me happy and a secret project.