Saturday, July 24, 2010

Luna Park

I love my makes everything look vintage and beautiful.

Not that Luna Park needs any help in that department, I LOVE Coney Island, the iconically australian artworks mixed with american cartoons and cool old school rides like the Barrel Run, the art deco, russian and 1930's mish mash of colour and faded antique glory!

I could spend an entire day in the Coney Island building just enjoying the artworks and amazing antique games and slot machine..........oh how i wish they all still worked!

The thing that I love most about this place is it still holds true to its original aesthetic. In these modern times, its SO nice to see hand painted signage and incredible Trompe L'oeil paintings covering entire exteriors and interiors of rides and buildings.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back to Work

I started my new(ish) job this week.

Im still working as a Visual Merchandiser for the same company but now im at a store 15 minutes away from home!!!!! No more commuting for me HOORAY!

I also got myself the PRIMO job of looking after all the womens Fashion, Shoes and Accesories in the store, so i will now be spending my days dressing my "Giant Barbie Dolls" (because my job is just like playing dress ups with big dolls!) and creating little vignettes with all the gorgeous handbags, scarves, shoes and jewellery I want!

Here's some of the "work" I did this week.......

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shop Update

New Items in the shop now.................check them out HERE

My Creative Space - My Studio

A sneak peak into my Garage/Studio.

We inheritted a HUGE garage when we moved into our apartment and as neither myself nor My Love drive, it seemed the obvious place for me to move my ever growing piles of Art supplies and Fabrics.

I just love hanging out down there, although its bitterly cold at the moment so I havent been able to spend as much time as I would like there during winter. I get to make it as girly as I like with Pink, Florals, Stuffed Toys & my old ballet shoes and costumes!

Check out Kootoyoo for other Creative Spaces

Jus to let everyone know, I will be updating the ETSY store again later this afternoon with Paper Crane & Heart Mobiles and anything else I can find.