Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Creative Space

Making a "Pink Pack" for someone very special.

I cant say too much about what in it as she may be reading (probably not but i dont want to spoil the surprise).

Someone much loved in My Loves family is going into hospital soonish and we will be going up to spend time with her and look after things if we can. I thought this might be a small comfort to her and she has always been so supportive of my crafting.

Have a look at some more Creative Spaces .......HERE

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Studio Snapshots

Some snapshots from my studio........really must get myself a new camera soon.
The iPhone only does so much.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hoo Won Somthing ?? ME !

Ive NEVER won anything in my whole entire life!

I dont think ive even won a free chocolate bar, or lick a stick. (Paddle Pop Prize for all you non Australians)
But over the weekend i won Emjies very first giveaway.

She did a very clever thing and automatically entred all her followers. I didnt even know i had entred untill i recieved the email saying i had won! That was totally exciting!

So Emjie, Thank you so much, Hoo is the cutest most psychidelic owl i have seen and i will take good care of him. Finally i will have someone elses softie creation to guard my Studio!

Oh and P.S. Emjie, I watched Twilight over the weekend and your haircut and dress make you a DEAD RINGER for Alice Cullen. TOTALLY!!!

Next Project

I Heart this Rug.

Once i get enough money i will buy the neccessary chunky wool and crochet this wonderful Rug.

Op Shopped Antiques

I seriously lucked out this weekend at the Opp Shop.

Im a Tin Collector so i almost wept when i saw this "Sweetacres Medical Barley Sugar" tin for $5. Its o beautiful with all its history.
There are even gorgeous Graffiti marks left by Peter and David, i like to imagine this was Granpas tin.

Also couldnt belive my luck when i stumbled upon this childrens book with an inspricption to the owner from 1951!!! Its nearly 60 years old and was also only $5!!!
The illustrations are simply breathtaking. I will share some later in the week.

Bathe - Freestyle Embroidery

I whipped up this little freestyle embroidery on my bathroom curtains the other night.

This is somthing ive had in my mind for ages and finally got around to doing it.
As always it looked better in my head, but its still a cute little detail and im happy with how it turnedout considering i have NO IDEA what im doing when it comes to embroidery..

WIP - WIP Crochet Basket

This little beauty is a WIP (Work in Progress) for WIP's. Ive never had anywhere to keep my wool together with all my tools and projects, so when i saw a crochet basket similar to this in my weekend newspaper i knew i had to make something similar.

Im still working on it, it will be stripey and high sided an am dabbling with the idea of using some driftwood as supports to hold the sides of the basket up.
I have grand visions!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

She wore a Starberry Beret.......

Finshed! to put a white/creamy trim and flower on yet but im really pleased with how its turned out.

Thanks for the Advice this morning M* that was a big help!
Is it up to your standards?

If you want to make your own pop on over and visit Emm for the free pattern, she's the best!

My Creative Space

This week has been quiet creativley speaking.

I started making M*'s Starberry Beret, but i totally ruined her pattern by using different size wool and hook, its a trial and error thing, sorry M*, i will stick to the pattern for my next version. This one will be finished tonight hopefully. Its nice and chunky.

Also been playing with paper this week, the collaged artworks here (need more stuff on these i think, thinking mixed media bits and pieces) and see earlier posts for my Origami flower artwork and Paper boats Mobile.

Visit Kootoyoo sometime today to see all the other spaces around and play along too

Lovley Loot

Some of the spoils from my trip to lincraft a few days ago.

Plan to make a cute dress for spring out of the spotted fabric ( i do know what the technical name is but its escaped me this morning) and fiddle around with different ways to crochet and sew with the felts

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Origami Cherry Blossom Artwork

My Origami Cherry Blossom Artwork.

Just fiddling round with different ways to use paper at the moment.
Now i'm off to Lincaft for an early Birthday shopping trip for myself.