Friday, September 25, 2009

A HELL of a Week

Ive had a hell of a week!
It started out quite well after a wonderful weekend, but work did not go well on Monday and after discussions it was decided my role within the company was no longer neccesary. I am now out of work and feeling quite stressed about it all. Thats why ive been absent all week...........too much to think about in regards to my future and i just hav'nt had the motivation to blog.

On the lighter side i have had the time to do lots more craft and get myself sorted to apply for the Markets. I sent my application in this morning so now its just a wait to see if i get accepted.

Im not sure when i'll get my motivation back............maybe next week hopefully but untill then, i'll be on the couch crafting, reading, listening to talking books and keeping the house clean............i just probably wont be on the interweb.

See you Soonish

Monday, September 21, 2009

Miss Smith's Pretty Little Things

I spent the weekend visiting markets and had a wonderful surprise when i ran into one of my old workmates selling the most lovley cupcakes at Narrabeen Markets.

This where i have been considering having a stall and seeing "Miss Smith" there really gave me some inpiration. Im applying as a stall holder tomorrow!

But enough about about these cupcakes eh!

I wish we had bought more (and so did "My Love"), they were so light and fluffy with the most delicious butter icing.

Plus "Miss Smith" had displayed her little lovley's so beautifully, matching aprons, hats and cool little chinese take away containers for the cupcakes.

WELL DONE MISS SMITH! Im so very impressed and i hope you SOLD OUT!

Weekend Wanderings

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Creative Space

My Space Today..........once again procrastination is my greatest enemy and PAID work has been waiting.
  • So many hexagons waiting to be sewn
  • Pretty balls of wool in a crochet nest
  • Printing coloured papers to be made into circle garlands and mobile
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Giveaway on Retro Mummy

Corrie from Retro Mummy has started a wonderful Giveaway on her blog today!

All you have to do is leave a comment on Retro Mummy and blog about it and your in the running for one of the beautiful patterns from the Retro Mummy shop and she'll even throw in some of her gorgeous fabric too!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hanging on the Stars and the Moon

I Heart 3 Sheets

Kylie from 3Sheets is just about the nicest, friendlist, lovliest blogger out there, im sure many of you would agree with me!

She's also VERY talented and ive so been enjoying watching her art grow and move through inspirational transitions. Thats why i was so VERY VERY blown away when she told me she had made one of her lovley brooches with my blog in mind! And even more touched by her kindness when she posted it to me in the most gorgeous packaging and with a lovley note!

Thank you so much Kylie.......i was feeling horribly sick yesterday and you totally lifted my spirits!

I plan to wear it to the flower markets this weekend!

Paper Piecing is the New Crochet

Im addicted to paper piecing.
Over winter, it was crochet to keep my hands busy at night, but now my dining table is covered in litle paper and fabric shapes and standas of cotton EVERYWHERE!

Im not doing the traditional pattern....not really by concious decision ( i got carried away and sewed before i'd worked things out) but its too late to unpick it and and start again so im going for swirls and clumps of colour that relate to one another.......hmmmmm we'll see how it looks at the end i guess.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Blog in Words

My Blog in words..............according to WORDLE

My Creative Space

Ive been working fro the real office most of this week so it was a welcome relief to be back in my cosy space this morning. So much so that i felt i had to pretty it up some more to make it even more cosy and lovley to work in (it has yet to have taken effect and actually inspire me to do real work, but i'll get there!)

  • I strung up some twine and pegged some lovley images from it (gotta get me some wooden pegs though plastic is just tacky!)

  • Ive been making mobiles all week so im making more origami shapes to continue on with that.

  • Nearly finished a few little embroidered lavender pouches, still deciding whether to keep these or gift them.

  • PLUS....Printed out my Parasol Craft Dolls! They are so cute.....but i have to clean the iron before i transfer them. The last transfer i tried was ruined by my dirty iron!

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