Sunday, March 28, 2010

Party Styling

I had my first taste of Event Styling yesterday and it went off without a hitch.

The location: Avalon Sailing Club on Sydneys Northern Beaches
The Theme: Nautical - Of Course

The Occasion: My Parents 30th wedding anniversary.

The Sailing club is a beautiful old wooden building, free from any modern pretentions right on the waterfront. A perfect Location for a party, and my family have been long time members there.

I strung over 50 paper lanterns in red, white and pale blue all over the ceiling, and set the tables with red, blue, yellow and striped fabric runners which i'd handmade myself. Table centerpieces were simple jars of sand with fun bright coloured flags handmade my me out of scrap papers, and the FABULOUS papier mache boats which i made using the pattern provided by the Incredible Ann Wood, they were such a hit, so a BIG thank you Ann, they were all snaffled up and taken home by appreciative family members and friends at the end of the night.

The final last minute touch (all credit to my mum!) was to frame the far window with some pale blue fabric (thanks to the single bed sheets which sacrificed thier lives) and make it a focal point, the light shining through it looked gorgeous!

I also brought lots of cushion, throw and chairs for the balcony and even set up a little fishing station and chill out spots on the massive deck below, unfortunately i forgot to take pics of these but they topped it all off.

Friday, March 26, 2010

This Is What I Do Instead Of Blogging

Some of you may not know, the reason im not here very much is because im working very hard a fair way from home every day, on the up side im doing one of my dream jobs as a Visual Merchandiser and sometimes i cant believe how lucky i am to have found something i love doing so much.

There are days when i stand back, look at my work and shake my head in amazement that i get paid to do what i do! I put together these little scenes the other was such fun!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Im A Volunteer!

I got a lovley surprise this morning, for some unknown reason when i got up (at 5.30am!!!!) i decided to check some blogs while i waited for my shower...........i NEVER do this, hardy even touch my computer in the morning. Anyway, i noticed a post entitlted "Do you Scrapbook or love Papercraft"
on the wonderful RetroMummy Blog..........and i do, so i did.

A BIG surprise was waiting for me when i saw that Corrie was asking for volunteers for the Notebook magazine Craft Bar at the upcoming Stitches and Craft Show, im short on work at the moment so i jumped at the chance (especially with all the extra incentives.....THANK YOU NOTEBOOK!) and emailed Corrie straight away (still 5.30am) and by mid morning i had got myself a day of work at the show! Im VERY excited, in case you cant tell.

So a BIG thanks Corrie and Notebook, im looking forward to it!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blogging is Hard.

Im so sad that i havent been able to Blog much this year. Having changed my job from Office Work from home to Visual Merchandising an hour away from home, the computer is the last place i want to be in the evenings.

Sporadic updates are better than none however.............i hope.

So ive been doing a little craft lately, starting back on the crochet and im pleased to say i havent forgotten how to do it. I made a cute crochet version of those Paper Chains you make in primary school and have nearly finished a stripey circular cushion cover, ive also been doing some sketches for a custom order i recieved the other day, im so excited because i have been given licence to use lots of colour which i LOVE!

Also some home adjustments, added the word SLEEP to our bedroom door, put up some amazing framed wallpaper i was given with a cool Scarab on it and gardening and cooking a plenty. Plus i had to share the pics of my Fly Swat collection, i have a Design Love thing for them and My Love has a thing for using them and when i get enough i will put them on the wall!

So Here i go..............Pics below.