Friday, December 13, 2013

Weekly Wanderings

A few snapshots from my Instagram account of my Weekly Wanderings.

Getting ready for Xmas and keeping it low key this year, entering giveaways on IG in the hopes that I will get lucky! The GORGEOUS baby bunny we have been bunnysitting lately (he's a Xmas present for a very lucky little boy), some fabulous ETSY treasuries my products have been featured in this week, the last of the Book Blossom artworks in this series sold and and its way to a new home and a cute Xmas onsies for the first of my close friends babies to be born (there are 3 of us haveng bubs over the next 4 months!)

Hope your all having a relaxed lead up to the Xmas break, im excitedly counting down the days till Xmas break and then the end of work for a while! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Very Merry & Minimal Xmas

Im trying to get in the Xmas spirit at the moment.
My desk at work has been decorated and a sprinkling of Xmas bling has gone up at home.

We are keeping it pretty low key this year with most of our attentions focused on getting ready for bubs arrival, there's still the nursery to finish and the house to clean and clean again, some many things to store and get rid of and in the meantime there is mess everywhere.

Its not the most festive looking apartment at the moment and with all the clutter a big tree would hve just been in the way. So we have kept things to a minimum. A drift wood hanging "tree" shape in the window decorated with baubles, a few small presents, some bunting here and there and some twinlke star lights and a wreath or two.

In the spirit of our minimal Xmas I thought I might share some amazing and also minimal Xmas DIYs I've found on the interwebs recently. Xmas doesnt have to be bright lights and baubles everywhere, some of the best Xmas interiors displays I have seen are quiet and understated and work with the house rather than take it over.
Check them out below

Thursday, November 28, 2013

My "I Wish" List - Hospital Bag

As the birth of our baby gets closer I find myself thining ahead to the birth and planing what I might need to take with me to hospital, what sort of birth I would like (DRUGS PLEASE!) and hoping for the best (ie: worlds quickest labour)

Ive started imagining what I would do with an unlimited budget. Money is tight for us right now so alot of our original plans have fallen by the wayside - things like me being able to give up work for a year or more and fancy designer baby stuff.

I find myself day dreaming about what I would do and buy if money were not an issue.

I put together this "I Wish" List of how my hospital bag might look if money grew on trees.
Most of all I really want those Elk pyjamas, Im sure there will be days when I spend all day in my PJ's and it sue would be nice to have some fancy that could pass for real clothing!

  1. GORGEOUS ELK Accessories Pyjamas for fabulous Hospital fashion
  2. Even more GORGEOUS ELK Pyjama dress
  3. The Ultimate Nappy Bag
  4. BB Cream for looking my best
  5. An eye mask for catching what few Z's I can manage
  6. Peter Alexander Slippers for comfy shuffling round the hospital feet
  7. Loccitane Resorative Shower body wash
  8. A heat pack for sore muscles after all that hard work!
  9. A Big duffle to put everything in
  10. Some super cute baby clothes from SEED HERITAGE for little miss to come home in

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Weekly Wanderings

An update in my wanderings and instagram pics lately.
Flowers from my wedding, Hearts & stripes, My Aunties GORGEOUS 4 week old puppies,
A week of the flu and cold (not fun whilst pregnant!), a lolly wrapper garland, the new Pram and an awesome Artwork for the nursery (by Hiccupart), my product update on the ETSY store and some FRIDAY love.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Baby Love - ETSY Treasury

Just a little ETSY treasury I created - Gosh there are some amazing vendors on ETSY

Go HERE to check them all out!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Baby Shower // Blessingway Ideas

Im attending a good friends baby shower this weekend and it's got me thinking about what I might do if I decide to have a baby shower.

Im still umming and ahhing about this as we are on a very limited budget and im flat out with working my full time job and extra hours as a contractor in the next few months to make ends meet, but it would be lovley, who knows...........I'm a last minute kinda gal so it might all just come together in the end.

Despite not knowing if this will be something we will do, thanks to pinterest, I have been able to plan how I would imagine my baby shower to be (in a perfect world).

Despite being quite pregnant im not actually baby mad yet, im still maintaining my independance and have made all sorts of unreasonable demands on family and friends (NO PINK! Dont touch the tummy! No CUTESTY baby motifs - elephants, teddy bears etc etc). So you can imagine how much I DONT love the traditional baby shower games and themes going round!

I do however like some of the ideas taken from a blessingway ceremony, I'm a hippy at heart and love the idea of it being a celebration of women and the power of life, so my ideas centre around that feeling with a little bit of fun party stuff thrown in.

 1 // Beeswax Candles - for the guests to make and light at home during the mothers labour
2 // Wax paper straws - such a cute decorative element
3 // Babys Breath Flower Crowns - Theres a cute DIY here
4 // Dreamcatcher - a great decoration for the hippy at heart, I love this DIY by The Red Thread
5 // Giant Fringe Garland - using this great DIY at Oh Happy Day
6 // Styling & Decorations - Inspired by this gender neutral and modern baby shower

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Weekly Wanderings

Just a few snapshots from my Instagram account of late, Ive been busy making lots of  Yay flags for Weddings, collecting items for the nursery, playing with shapes and colour, getting fat (the joys of pregnancy!) and enjoying the summer days here in Sydney.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Yatsik Design

Recently I entered a giveaway comp on Instagram with th wonderful Yatsik Designs.......and to my great surprise I WON!

The prize was 2 beautiful Ikat cushion covers and 2 fabulous Peshtamel turkish towels which are now gracing my lounge room and my local beach! My couch cushions have been looking a little shabby of late so this came at the perfect time to provide my lounge room with the update it needed (however now im afraid I need MORE!)

Yatsik Design is a local Northern Beaches company which specialises (as you can see from the images below) in gorgeous turkish Kilim cushions, rag rugs and the fabulous Peshtamel towels which are such a versatile product. I have dedicated one to the beach, where I use it as a sarong and traditional towel and the other sits draped beautifully on my couch as a  summer throw.

Check out the Yatsik Deisgn website and online shop for gorgeous homewares overload!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bubs Nursery Plans

I cant wait to start decorating our spare room with Baby stuff!

In the spirit of sustainability (and because we are flat broke!!) most of the items we get will be second hand, vintage, or handmade but I just couldn't resist browsing a few websites and picking out my favourite items.
I wont be purchasing much but these items are on the top of my must have list!
(& yes I have gone a little Ikea mad!)

We will be finding out if its a boy or a girl in a few weeks but this wont have much of an effect on my style. Im sticking to my favourite primary colours (SO not a pink person) for a fun and colourful but gender neutral nursery that matches the rest of our apartment - plus I figure Bub isn't going to care about the interior decoration for the first year or two!

               1. Bed Canopy Ikea                
2. Bedside Table Ikea
4. Baby Wraps Target
5. Replica Eames Rocker Matt Blatt
6. Sheepskin Rug Ikea
7. Emu & Kangaroo Grow Suit Hard To Find
9. Table Lamp Ikea
10. Bassinet Target

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Exciting News!

My Love and Me and BABY makes THREE !!!!!!

Onesies from EleventyFive store on ETSY - HERE
Yep we are having a bubba, its a very exciting time for us and I apologise in advance for bombarding you with baby inspired posts and news. 

This announcement will probably explain my sporadic posts here of late. With so much going on blogging has not been at the front of my mind, and to tell you the truth I've been finding it REALLY hard trying to keep up with everyday life and chores and my 5 days a week day job let along making time for My Handmade Heart.........Pregnancy sure has taken its toll on me however I've been fairly lucky with no real sickness just TOTAL exhaustion and NO energy to spare!

Im hoping now that I have some energy back though that I will be making more regular visits here to keep you up to date and share all my inspiration for my new project -  DESIGNING THE NURSERY! What FUN!!!

You can bet that our Bub will have a typical Handmade style Nursery with a few modern and vintage twists thrown in and Lots of My Handmade Heart goodness.

Cant wait to share it all with you!!