Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some Stuff I Make

I just realised how long its been since I did some shameless Self Promotion.

I should give you all the spiel about sustainable products, eco business, all handmade etc etc but my hearts not really in it today so heres some visuals instead.

To order anything or if you want a custom design check out my ETSY shop link or Email me on the address to the right.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weeks & Weeks of Wanderings

Oh how im lamenting my lack of interweb connectiony speed at home.

Im leaching off my parents WiFi today and posting seems to be a breeze.

Forgive me readers (if there actually are any of you out there left) for I have sinned, its been months since my last post and more than that since I did a craft market or sold a product!
I have been badly neglecting my studio and my poor poor sewing machine.
Ive just been working so hard trying to make some money to keep the bills paid and food in the fridge i dont seem to have any time left for my fave things, and when i do................well all i want to do is rest and relax.

Also as it is the silly season, things have been very sily busy, 2 out of town weddings, a hens, xmas partys and a graduation all in the last 3 weeks..............phew im exhausted just thinking about it!

Monday, October 25, 2010

First Post in FOREVER!!

Im totally excited because for the first time in AGES Blogger is working on my computer!

Ive been trying to post.........really I have!
I think it was something to do with me not accepting software updates on my computer but im all updated now and i can post photos all of a sudden again!

I actually havent been doing all that much crafting or art, work this time of year gets CRAZY for Visual Merchandisers, Xmas and all that.

Im taking time off from doing Xmas decorating this year, for those of you who dont know ive spent the last 4 years assisting a company installing Xmas decorations around Sydney, including the AWESOME Queen Victoria Building Tree and all the Cruise ships that dock at the Harbour. Its a full on job though, wierd late night/early morning finishing times and dirty glittery sweaty work but this year I can have a real Xmas break although i'll probably be making every xmas present possible to save money. The extra cash is always usefull tis time of year!

So ive been focussing on my regular work and having fun with fashion...............its been ages since I really worked in Fashion and followed trends so its fun to be doing it again.

Here are some pics from my Portfolio of work lately........having fun with Spring Fashion.....

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

My Goodness i've been busy lately, what with work, family and friends i've barely had time to craft or blog.
My birthday has come and gone, a huge few weeks at work which resulted in some great feedback about my merchandising from the Bigwigs, a trip to Byron Bay and some other exciting news which I cant share with you all yet!

For my birthday I received a new point and shoot camera. I have to take alot of photographs of my work for my portfolio so its had a workout so far. Along with 100's of Mannequin and Handbag display photos I manged to slip in some of my product shots for the very slowly coming along website ive had in mind for so long.

Here's just some rough shots to share........