Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Creative Space

My Creative Spaces this week

My Dining table for a Baby Bird Mobile make-a-thon
  • Beads, feathers, shells and sea urchins
  • Driftwood
  • Stuffed & unstuffed birds
  • Finshed product seen is a custom order for a lovley frined in QLD

My Balcony - trying out some different types of vegies and herbs for winter.
  • The always useful shallots - Tan pot
  • Dandelions for my Bunny Boy - Black pot
  • Carrot seeds yet to show themselves - Blue pot
  • Baby Lettuce's!!!!! Its always so exciting to see the first seedlings emerge - Red pot
  • Dwarf peas still sleeping - Green pot
  • Baby Rocket!!!! I went away and when i came back they were waiting for me!
Play along with everyone at Kirsty's


M* (Melanie) said...

Wow. Your bird mobile looks so sweet. It's a great idea.

Kirsty said...

It looks like you're all set for some crafty bird fun.

Gina said...

Is that the Spool bird mobile? Looks awesome! Am envious of your balcony garden. My thumb's totally brown.

Nicola said...

Thank you Ladies!

My bird mobiles are inspired by the Spool one but i dont use their bird pattern, that would be very naughty! I make these in all different styles, with lots of emellishments.

amity ville boronia said...

Planting seeds is so much fun, but I always lose interest once they're sprouted. The rest is boring! The driftwood is very pretty too.