Thursday, October 15, 2009

Im Back i think ive had a long enough blog break.

Apologies for my abscence............things have been a little foggy and mixed up for me in the last few weeks but the fog is slowly clearing hopefully and I thought I should take the opportunity to get back on the blog horse.

I was MIA because of issues to do with losing my job, this is always a stressful thing at anytime but it was particularly stresssul and upsetting for me this time because my Boss is actually my Mum too. You see i've worked for my parents for the last four years........its been hard to get past the personal hurt but im sure that things will get better soon.

Whist being unemployed i have had alot of craft on the go, finishing off projects, getting ready for the markets, and watching lots of DVD's..........too many really. I will post some pics later.

I had a positive job interview today (not my dream job but it will pay the bills) and im having my first market stall on sunday.

So things are looking up really............cross your fingers for me?


kellie said...

Finger and toes crossed for you Nicola. So sorry about your job! That would make it hard (I work with my dad but not for him). It must have been incredibly hard. Hope the markets goes well!

Emjie said...

It is an incredibly difficult position when you are between jobs, what with the anxiety.
I promise you though once that corner has been turned you will not look back.
It is nice to hear your voice again out here in blogland (I nearly typed bogland... LOL).

gemmipop said...

Keep smiling hun, things often happen for a reason, and I'm sure you'll be fine. Keeping my fingers crossed, and sending lots of happy thoughts your way xx said...

Glad to see you back and that your fog is rising, as fog usually does! I hope your fog disappears completely and that you feel the sun soon! Suzie. xxx

veri maz said...

I'm in a similar space at the moment, "in between jobs".
The novelty of sleeping in everyday soon wears off and it can be too easy to slide into a rut.
I set myself a goal to apply for at least 1 job every day.
I had 3 interviews last week and have been contracting for the last 2.

I just needed a bit of momentum to get me out of the rut - not in a groove yet but on my way