Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Christmas Begins

Its been a VERY busy couple of months.

My apologies for being absent but blogging seems to be the last thing i have time for at the moment. Im back being a Visual Merchandiser, and away from home alot more than im used too but i LOVE the work. Im also very busy creating for the markets and all my gifts for Christmas this year.

The last Market wasnt as productive as id hoped but there was an Annual Market a few suburbs away which im sure affected turn out. Anyway on the plus side i now have plenty of stock to do the christmas market at Narrabeen.

Apart from all of that im trying to get in the christmas spirit, put the tree up a week ago and in typical fashion my decorations have changed again this going for a natural woodland beachy feel, just need a few more "Stick Stars" and porcelain shells and feathers from the fabulous Leaf Home!

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