Monday, December 21, 2009

Quick Pics from the Sunday Markets

Markets again yesteday!!

Sadly it wasnt the Xmas money maker i was hoping for and i only just cleared my margins. I probably wont be returning to Narrabeen Markets for some time, i got shoved in the back woods and as a result got hardly any traffic coming past.

I think i will try Manly next, a bit more upmarket and less all over the place.
Anyway despite the lack of trade i still had a lovley but tiring day, ive made lovely new friends and its been a great experience all up.

I think the main thing ive learnt is DONT GET TO CAUGHT UP AND EXCITED ABOUT IT ALL! Just because you've had a good week or incredible feedback doesnt mean that sucess is going to continue all the way, selling at the markets is hard work and often comes down the being in the right place at the right time with the right customers.

Anyhooo, enjoy my pretty pictures. I wont be back untill after Xmas.
No holidays for me, working hard right up untill Xmas Eve.
Got to keep earning money whilst i still have a job.
Have a strong Egg Nog for me will you.

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