Monday, October 25, 2010

First Post in FOREVER!!

Im totally excited because for the first time in AGES Blogger is working on my computer!

Ive been trying to post.........really I have!
I think it was something to do with me not accepting software updates on my computer but im all updated now and i can post photos all of a sudden again!

I actually havent been doing all that much crafting or art, work this time of year gets CRAZY for Visual Merchandisers, Xmas and all that.

Im taking time off from doing Xmas decorating this year, for those of you who dont know ive spent the last 4 years assisting a company installing Xmas decorations around Sydney, including the AWESOME Queen Victoria Building Tree and all the Cruise ships that dock at the Harbour. Its a full on job though, wierd late night/early morning finishing times and dirty glittery sweaty work but this year I can have a real Xmas break although i'll probably be making every xmas present possible to save money. The extra cash is always usefull tis time of year!

So ive been focussing on my regular work and having fun with fashion...............its been ages since I really worked in Fashion and followed trends so its fun to be doing it again.

Here are some pics from my Portfolio of work lately........having fun with Spring Fashion.....

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