Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Escapades

Just a few pics of my Easter Long Weekend.
A quiet and lovley restful time which i sorely needed.
  • Made Cakes
  • Admired flowers bought for me by My Love (2 Bunches if you please!)
  • Watched documentarys
  • Cleaned
  • Walked on the beach and around my neighbourhood ( P.S. How cool is my local Cinema and the FUNKY patchwork building?!)
  • Made a Winter Picnic Kit (sans Picnic)
  • Made a cardboard tree, then in a moment of genius decided to hot glue driftwood to it..........half way done and LOVING it!
  • Continued crocheting HUGE stripey floor cushion cover.
Hope you all had as nice a weekend as i did.

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