Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Day in the Country

I spent the day in the Country at a Pony Stud today. Wandering the fields, picking wild blackberries to nibble on, playing with puppies and gorgeous ponies and foals. It was wonderful to escape the suburb's and the property was so beautiful. I do so LOVE all the surprises you can find on farms when you take the time to look for beauty in the ordinary.

My Faves.............the original old Dodge truck (SO COOL), Bob the Dog/Mop (see below), Ponies (of course) and rusted out horse floats

The Hipstamatic Camera sure had a workout!
I love what this app does for the iPhone, taking beautiful pictures is easy and playing with all the different types of films, flashes and lenses is so much fun!

So enjoy these pics, i was even brave and slipped one of Myself and one of My Love (with his back to the camera) in there!

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