Monday, February 21, 2011

Im Getting MARRIED!!!!

Over the Xmas period I had a lovley Surprise.........the best surprise a girl can get!

 not sharing the details with you all as im a private person and really.............this blog is about my craft not about my personal was a wonderful moment and one I will never forget!

Now the fun begins................planning a wedding is a dream come true for any woman but being the crafty designy type its even more FUN!
Heres a sneak peak of some images im finding inspirational in planning the final design details

The Venue - An Old 1950's Community Yacht Club where my brother & I learnt to sail.

Seafood overlooking the Sea

Native Flowers in old jars and tin cans


The little details


Melissa G said...

If you are looking for further inspiration, check in at one of my fave blogs…

rasamalai said...

Congratulations! That sounds awesome, I hope you may post more about it :)