Monday, November 7, 2011

One Door Closes.....Another One Opens

Ive had a tough weekend...........I've been working on a project very close to my heart lately and was really excited about the opportunities this was going to provide me............but ALAS afer an awful weekend, the wheels seem to have fallen off the cart and we have reached a dead end

I really let myself down with this one and didnt give it my best effort (even though I thought I had.........but on second inspection.......) but I was also a bit let down by the people I was working with. This has happended before with creative projects I have worked on (usually for friends!) and I'm not sure why I havent learnt my lesson yet!
The upside one door closes.........another opens!!

Ive been contacted by one of my FAVOURITE stylists regarding an EXCITING collaboration that will hopefully end up in popular Media!!!!
Im really excited about working on this project as it sounds like it could be a HEAP of creative fun, full of amazing ideas and working with someone I admire so very much!!!

Heres a little hint!

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