Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Amazing Wedding Vendors

After a very successful meeting with my lovely caterer tonight I have realised I have never shared the details of the amazing people I have chosen to work with for our wedding.

This has been a difficult process for me, deciding to DIY and manage the whole thing myself was allot to take on but I managed to find some really great people to make the day a success and it all seemed to fit in together like a jigsaw puzzle!

First up Nourish Catering - Mell seemed like my sort of girl from the get go, her food is gorgeous, glossy, and simple and speaks for itself! She was the only caterer I spoke to that was totally happy to work within our budget, work with outside help and was happy to make our ideas come to life.........apart from having AMAZING food, Mell also set me up with contacts to many other vendors, documents to help me plan and helped us make our dream of a Cheese Wheel Cake happen!Link

Our Venue is Avalon Sailing Club, so far I’ve heard 2 people describe it as big scout hall, but I don’t think that does it justice. You couldn’t get any closer to the water unless you were in it and the space is relaxed, beautiful, natural and as Australian as it gets for me! I spent a huge chunk of my childhood learning to sail there and just hanging out with my family. My dad has been a big contributor to the club and still has his boat moored there..................I'll give you one guess how I’m arriving!

Next our Photographer My Lens of Love - after struggling to find a photographer within our budget a friend suggested Sophie and it all just clicked. Sophie is a local girl who spent time in her childhood learning to sail at the clubhouse where we are having our wedding; we very probably crossed paths in our youth without even knowing it! Her photography is beautiful, ethereal, and summery and her use of natural light is just stunning. Check out her blog and her facebook page!

Getting the right Celebrant was VERY important for us, we’ve been to a few weddings in our time and we decided we definitely didn’t want a woman, I HATE what I call the “meditation voice” that most female celebrants I’ve seen use and My Love has had some troubles with bossy lady celebrants stressing him out in the past so we decided it was a bloke all the way. So I had a look around and found the very nice James Wallace. He made the process so easy and made a huge effort to come out to see us at our home on a Sunday. We are so happy with our choice and can’t wait to be married by him!

And last but not least my Event Manager for the day. After taking on so much organising I figured I owed it to myself to make sure there was someone there on the day to worry about the organising for me. So introducing Event Angels, run by a long lost friend Renee, who I lost touch with during high school and who im so excited to be sharing my day with, I know she will make the day a breeze for me and my family! Oh and she's also a brilliant graphic designer who makes gorgous invitations too!

Well, I guess that’s all I can give away at the moment................2 weeks and counting!

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