Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wedding Style - My Handmade DIY Wedding Day

I just realised its been a while since I shared images of my wedding day........and I had forgotten to share the most important bit (well apart from my husband!).......THE DECORATIONS!!!!

I work my little ass off to get all the details done, every little teeny tiny detail was created from scratch by me, with help frpom my amazing and supportive family and friends

From the stationary, to the signage used at the venue and in photos, the flowers and desert table, the bunting flags and paper garlands and fabric strip backdrop, the cushions & quilts my guest sat on and the flags they waved at the ceremony................I was so happy with how it all turned out!
The incredible flowers that my AMAZING Mum and friends/family put together. Vases were recycled jars with 1950's Australian jam and fruit labels (and a sneaky vegemite jar for fun!)
Some of the details I designed including - Program & Menu, Mrs & Mrs - Love is Sweet Bunting, Handpainted Names and Just married signage, Cushions & Quilts & YAY Flags 

The delicious "Modern Buffet" with biodegradable "picnic packs", wax paper straws, a Sweets table and a blow your mind "Cheese Wheel" stack instead of cake!

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