Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Exciting News!

My Love and Me and BABY makes THREE !!!!!!

Onesies from EleventyFive store on ETSY - HERE
Yep we are having a bubba, its a very exciting time for us and I apologise in advance for bombarding you with baby inspired posts and news. 

This announcement will probably explain my sporadic posts here of late. With so much going on blogging has not been at the front of my mind, and to tell you the truth I've been finding it REALLY hard trying to keep up with everyday life and chores and my 5 days a week day job let along making time for My Handmade Heart.........Pregnancy sure has taken its toll on me however I've been fairly lucky with no real sickness just TOTAL exhaustion and NO energy to spare!

Im hoping now that I have some energy back though that I will be making more regular visits here to keep you up to date and share all my inspiration for my new project -  DESIGNING THE NURSERY! What FUN!!!

You can bet that our Bub will have a typical Handmade style Nursery with a few modern and vintage twists thrown in and Lots of My Handmade Heart goodness.

Cant wait to share it all with you!!

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