Friday, January 20, 2012

"Vintage" Mason/ Jam Jars - Tutorial

Anyone who's been hanging around wedding blogs lately will know that the latest "uber-prop" for wedding is recycled gass bottles and mason jars................also those same people who hang around wedding blogs will also know that "Vintage" is the way to go! I am planning and DIYing my own wedding at the moment (6 weeks to go EEEEEK!)and as I am also doing "The Mason Jar" thing, I though I would share the process im using to turn ordinary modern glass jars into "Vintage" jam jars for flowers and display.

See below for all the instructiony bits and if you want to do the same but cant find any lables, have a look HERE, HERE and HERE.....thats just a start though the interweb is filled with free vintagey goodness..............just google it!

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