Monday, January 30, 2012

Can I Run Away From it All?

I am about to have a Nervous Breakdown (or am possibly already having one!)

Deciding to DIY my wedding sounded great 12 months ago..............but with 1 month to go, I'm seriously stressed and wondering why we didnt decide to Elope?!

To top it off, being out of work for 3 months last year has made a huge dent in what little savings we had and my poor parents are having to deal with the fallout which i feel incredibly guilty about!

I would NEVER leave my man standing at the altar...........however...........these images are really resonating with me right now....................but its more like all the things im supposed to be organising are chasing me than im running away

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Lady M said...

My dear, I used to coordinate weddings and I'm a mom who's been married 21 years to the love of my please allow me to give you a bit of hard earned advice.

First, people who attend your wedding will think it's a glorious event, regardless of the plans you've altered or done away with. They come to show their love and support, to share in your memorable day, and to refresh their hopes and dreams.

Even if you were married in a field, instead of a castle...wearing jeans and a t-shirt, instead of a silk designer dress...with only sandwiches, instead of caviar to serve at the reception...they would be just as happy for you...and just as content to make this memory with you.

Allowing stress to build up can taint your much anticipated special day. Rest and allow the things that don't get done to slip away quietly, while you look forward to your new beautiful life with your true love. Enjoy this one irreplaceable day...make sweet memories...and let it be an anchor in the storms of life that will surely come your way.

And Congratulations! Marriage is a journey of happiness and tears. I do hope yours is long and loving.