Friday, September 7, 2012

Himmelli Mobile DIY Tutorial

Have you heard of Himmelli Mobiles?

It is a Finish Christmas decoration traditionally made from straws, strung together to form geometric shapes! It as super easy and extra fun to make and you could make your in any colour shapes or sizes!

I made one the other day and was asked for a tutorial so I put one together.........this is the first DIY tutorial I have ever put together so I really hope it makes sense, if you get totally frustrated tell me and I will try to explain the process more clearly! Enjoy!

You will need – Drinking straws, (I used “Black & Gold” Brand fluoro regular sized straws. You can purchase thinner cocktail straws online if you want a more delicate look.) Sewing cotton or embroidery thread in a pale or matching colour, sewing needle (the heaver the better) and scissors.

1. Cut the concertina necks off the straws (you can save the ends to use to make more mini shapes)

2. Now cut the straws to the desired length – mine were roughly 12 cm long (keep the offcuts for later use)

3. You will need eight straw lengths for the diamond – Thread all 4 lengths of straw onto the cotton leaving 2   equal lengths of cotton to tie off

4. Tie off the cotton tightly to form a diamond shape.

5. Now thread 2 straw lengths on 1 side of the leftover cotton and repeat on the other side.

6. Tie these ends together to form a second diamond

7. Using the leftover ends of the cotton, tie the two points of the diamonds together

8. Now thread 4 more lengths of straw (these can be whatever length you like – smaller for a diamond shaped Himelli larger for a cube) onto another length of cotton.

9. Tie off the cotton leaving 1 long end threaded through the needle and 1 shorter end – this should leave you with a square shape

10. Insert the square inside the finished outer frame and tie off around 1 of the middle joints as shown.

11. & 12. Now thread the needle and cotton through the straws of the inside square, knotting off at each joint along the way

13. & 14. Continue this until you reach the starting point and tightly tie off with the shorter end of the remaining cotton.

15. You have finished your first shape!!!!

Adjust the straws so that they sit against one another correctly and make a few more!

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