Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Creative Space "Quilt Light" by Tamara Maynes - New Craft Raconteuse.

Have you EVER seen anything cooler than this??!!!

This is the "Quilt Light" designed by Tamara Maynes - New Craft Raconteuse. I have been wanting to try one of these out for a while now and finally ordered my template this week! 

The Quilt Light is a self-customizable product and in this instance you are the co-designer!

Shown here in heavy weight painted cardboard the Quilt Light can be made in any size from any suitable material. 

Purchase the downloadable PDF which includes a full page template and ten step instructions to make your own Quilt Light.

I am stitching mine at home but if your not sure about doing by yourself, you can attend a DIY Quilt Light Workshop at Megan Mortons "The School" run by Tamara herself!


Kylie Hunt said...

Hi Nikki - you're back! So excited and my apologies if you've been back for ages and I've been blind ;) I was just thinking about you yesterday when I saw your beautiful paper artistry on my sideboard :) This is absolutely exciting and fabulous! Great find. Thanks for sharing it :) Kx

Pippa said...

Nice to met you! Pippa

Nikki Croft said...

Hi Kylie!! Nice to hear from you again after so long!! I never really disappeared, just went a bit quiet for a while, had to get a real 9-5 job and that keeps me more than busy these days! I see your still happily screen printing and crocheting away! I love how your style has developed, and the colours your using at the moment are beautiful!

And Hello Pippa!I follow you on Instagram, I adore what you do!