Thursday, November 28, 2013

My "I Wish" List - Hospital Bag

As the birth of our baby gets closer I find myself thining ahead to the birth and planing what I might need to take with me to hospital, what sort of birth I would like (DRUGS PLEASE!) and hoping for the best (ie: worlds quickest labour)

Ive started imagining what I would do with an unlimited budget. Money is tight for us right now so alot of our original plans have fallen by the wayside - things like me being able to give up work for a year or more and fancy designer baby stuff.

I find myself day dreaming about what I would do and buy if money were not an issue.

I put together this "I Wish" List of how my hospital bag might look if money grew on trees.
Most of all I really want those Elk pyjamas, Im sure there will be days when I spend all day in my PJ's and it sue would be nice to have some fancy that could pass for real clothing!

  1. GORGEOUS ELK Accessories Pyjamas for fabulous Hospital fashion
  2. Even more GORGEOUS ELK Pyjama dress
  3. The Ultimate Nappy Bag
  4. BB Cream for looking my best
  5. An eye mask for catching what few Z's I can manage
  6. Peter Alexander Slippers for comfy shuffling round the hospital feet
  7. Loccitane Resorative Shower body wash
  8. A heat pack for sore muscles after all that hard work!
  9. A Big duffle to put everything in
  10. Some super cute baby clothes from SEED HERITAGE for little miss to come home in

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