Monday, December 22, 2014

Life Lately

Just some snapshots of what i've been up to lately (fomerly known as Weekly Wanderings)
  • Making homely Xmas presents this year, money tight and Ive been forced to come up with other options, its been nice.
  • Hanging out with my baby girl who is growing so fast and has just started to crawl 
  • Going for walks around our neighbourhood
  • An exciting new opportunity to teach a Pajaki workshop in the New Year (more on that soon!)
  • A very very sad goodbye to my best friend of 8 years, my bunny boy Isaac. He was so unwell toward the end and we were forced to help him over the rainbow bridge, by far the hardest decision of my life
  • An exciting day out, Tinkering with Textiles at an Alfalky workshop (I will update on my experience very soon)


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