Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Creative Space.............Part 1

Ive been busy as usual, working on many different projects all at once. I cant help myself. Im a half finisher......projects usually get to the almost final stage before i put them aside to start the newest latest greatest project.

This week i have:

  • Finished crocheting two mini blankets / baby blankets but still have to finish of the ends on both.
  • Printed, sewed and stuffed my block printed toys but still have to hand sew all of them to finish off.

See above for more unfinished projects in Part 2

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Selina said...

I totally do that too! you get near the end of something and it starts to get boring, need to get to something else!

love those babushkas btw.

Kylie said...

These all look fabulous - but yes, I'm the same. It's hard sticking to something when other ideas come to you! K

M* (Melanie) said...

They are still great unfinished projects!! Wow. I wish I had that many on the go...

amity ville boronia said...

Pretty mini blankets :D