Monday, July 27, 2009

Hoo Won Somthing ?? ME !

Ive NEVER won anything in my whole entire life!

I dont think ive even won a free chocolate bar, or lick a stick. (Paddle Pop Prize for all you non Australians)
But over the weekend i won Emjies very first giveaway.

She did a very clever thing and automatically entred all her followers. I didnt even know i had entred untill i recieved the email saying i had won! That was totally exciting!

So Emjie, Thank you so much, Hoo is the cutest most psychidelic owl i have seen and i will take good care of him. Finally i will have someone elses softie creation to guard my Studio!

Oh and P.S. Emjie, I watched Twilight over the weekend and your haircut and dress make you a DEAD RINGER for Alice Cullen. TOTALLY!!!


M* (Melanie) said...

That's soooo cool! Well done at doing nothing too. Surprises are the best

Emjie said...

Hoo Owl is puffing up his feathers and getting ready to fly to his new home.

Kylie said...

Gorgeous! You've got the luck now :) K