Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Luckie & Tinnie

I ordered a Tinnie & a Luckie from TinnieGirl last week and they arrived today!!!!
So excited!
I love Tins, i collect vintage Tea tins, but this Pretzel tin was totally calling me, its my sort of colours, and i love the old battered look.

I asked for a lucky dip of contents and i cant believe how perfect some of the fabrics and trims are for the current project i have in mind. You must be psychic Cathy!

I love my Luckie too and cant believe she hasn't sold more of these. If you love papercraft they are simply a great resource, so many little cute paper things to play with inside the cool recycled Record cover box.
Mine is Gilbert & Sullivans "The Sorcerer". LOVE IT!

I will share some of the contents later, my camera seems to be on its last legs today so i need to give it a bit of a rest.

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Kylie said...

Wow! What a treat! I must have missed this one, but then I can get a bit spacey sometimes! Thanks for the tip... I shall look into this one! :) K