Thursday, March 18, 2010

Im A Volunteer!

I got a lovley surprise this morning, for some unknown reason when i got up (at 5.30am!!!!) i decided to check some blogs while i waited for my shower...........i NEVER do this, hardy even touch my computer in the morning. Anyway, i noticed a post entitlted "Do you Scrapbook or love Papercraft"
on the wonderful RetroMummy Blog..........and i do, so i did.

A BIG surprise was waiting for me when i saw that Corrie was asking for volunteers for the Notebook magazine Craft Bar at the upcoming Stitches and Craft Show, im short on work at the moment so i jumped at the chance (especially with all the extra incentives.....THANK YOU NOTEBOOK!) and emailed Corrie straight away (still 5.30am) and by mid morning i had got myself a day of work at the show! Im VERY excited, in case you cant tell.

So a BIG thanks Corrie and Notebook, im looking forward to it!

1 comment: said...

well, I look forward to seeing your work! suzie. xxx