Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blogging is Hard.

Im so sad that i havent been able to Blog much this year. Having changed my job from Office Work from home to Visual Merchandising an hour away from home, the computer is the last place i want to be in the evenings.

Sporadic updates are better than none however.............i hope.

So ive been doing a little craft lately, starting back on the crochet and im pleased to say i havent forgotten how to do it. I made a cute crochet version of those Paper Chains you make in primary school and have nearly finished a stripey circular cushion cover, ive also been doing some sketches for a custom order i recieved the other day, im so excited because i have been given licence to use lots of colour which i LOVE!

Also some home adjustments, added the word SLEEP to our bedroom door, put up some amazing framed wallpaper i was given with a cool Scarab on it and gardening and cooking a plenty. Plus i had to share the pics of my Fly Swat collection, i have a Design Love thing for them and My Love has a thing for using them and when i get enough i will put them on the wall!

So Here i go..............Pics below.

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