Monday, August 6, 2012

Little Circus Design

Don't you just love these Folk Art style Australiana Illustrations!!!!  
This speaks volumes to me about the Australian Identity and Culture

Little Circus Design combines Madeleine Stamer's freelance illustration, limited edition prints, collaboration work, art pieces and all the good bits squeezed in between. 
Part tomboy with a sprinkling of girlyness Madeleine struggled to enjoy school. However, she did relish day-dreaming, sculpting playdoh, climbing trees, collecting organic specimens, drawing birds, talking to animals, collecting swap cards, aspiring to draw like Dick Bruna and watching classic Ray Harryhausen movies. 

Madeleine is dead keen on all things Mexicana. She loves tempting objects that are nice to touch, birds, loose feathers, natural history, skeletons, old school tattoos, traditional folk art, 70's design and kaleidoscope colours. Madeleine splits her time as a visual arts teacher as well as devoting herself to illustrating, exhibiting, blogging and working on various little circus projects and collaborations.

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Melissa G said...

Ah! Sweet inspiration. This is a nice find.