Monday, August 20, 2012

The Flower Drum is FULL of AWESOMENESS!

I had the pleasure of visiting my flower friend Holly Hipwell on the weekend. 
She is fast becoming one of my favourite quirky people! 

This is Holly -  "Unashamedly bossy, confident and just a little bit cross, she combines her words with a little girl voice and humour to soften the blow (she tells us that she has recently had to take “charm” classes to avoid offending potential clients)"  
Character reference from "Not Quite Nigella

The Flower Drum, (for all of you who have been hiding in a land of no flowers) is Sydney's bestest young floral enthusiast and flower bomber. Holly has been teaching Flower Bombing to sydney siders at Megan Morton's The School and is now expanding her empire into Melbourne and beyond!

When we chatted on the weekend I was let into some secret secrets and now I've seen what she did on the weekend I am very excited to see the finished product in the future!!! 

I'm pretty sure either one of both of these creations are destine to be the must have fashion for summer! Floral Cape anyone?

Have a look at Holly's Blog or Facebook page for more amazing floral escapades, and I highly recommend visiting her shop at the Sugarmill on saturday's and buying all her pretty flowers up!

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