Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Link With Love - Credit Where Credit's Due

Thanks to a recent blog piece on The Red Thread, I have just discovered LINKwithlove and the  Pinterest Project

"A kind social media experiment to reach as many Pinterest users as possible (and Pinterest) to raise awareness about the importance of LINKING to the original source + respecting intellectual property online."

I have a bee in my bonnet about the correct crediting of Creative's and the rampant use of images without links back to original sources. 
Too many times have I seen amazing work un-Credited or used on websites without permission, Original images re-purposed and original ideas and products copied and re-produced! 

It really makes me upset because I know how hard all of these people work to create such beauty and often if your a stylist, designer or a photographer, an image or photograph is all you have left as evidence of a days hard work! To have someone appropriate or use that image without passing on credit or linking to an original allows other to believe that the image/design or style belongs to the person or blogger who posted it................so PLEASE.............LINK WITH LOVE

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Pippa said...

Well said! I have had images of my work uncredited, I just say hello and thank them for showcasing my work! Often people will fix it but a gentle reminder helps too! :)