Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Handmade Heart featured on Paper Heart Weddings

There was a lovely featured on My Handmade Heart shared on the beautiful Paper Heart Wedding website last week. The ladies behind Paper Heart Wedding are collecting the best unique, hand-crafted and sustainable crafts for weddings and just all round niceness.

You can read the full feature HERE, but if you cant be bothered clicking over, here's a mini extract from the feature - all about how My Handmade Heart came to be!

How did it all begin?

Instinctively drawn to the creative arts, I have been creating artworks and “making” since early childhood. Passionate about colour and with an eye for design, I have stitched and folded, cut and pasted my way through life; preferring to make than buy, to recycle, reinvent and re-use, to ‘mend and make do’.It was this creative ethic and understanding of how special a handmade item can be that lead to the creation of my unique, handmade products. 
I have always been a maker since early childhood, but My Handmade Heart really began its life with an ending of another. When my Grandfather passed away in 2009 I wasn’t happy with the idea that all his clothing would be thrown out or donated to charities. He had always taken pride in his appearance and had a wonderful collection of patterned button down shirts in crisp cotton. I decided to save his best shirts and reuse them in a series of small hand sewn “memory” quilts for myself and my Mum and Aunty (his daughters). I enjoyed the process of reinventing the shirts into quilts so much that I just kept making stuff, when I ran out of the shirt material, I found other sustainable and reusable types of fabrics, from skirts, shirts, knits, bed sheets and blankets.

What do you love about what you do?

I love having the freedom to create one off pieces and try my hand at new ideas whenever I feel like it. My Handmade Heart is constantly evolving and not creating the same items over and over allows me to explore and expand my creativity. Every piece I make is such a pleasure to create and I enjoy being able to customise and make every item individual and unique for every customer.

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