Friday, January 16, 2009

My First Real Quilt

The begining of my journey with handmade things started in earnest with a quilt. I had always, painted and sewed but only as a hobby, then i discovered jewellery making which became an obssesion but Quilting was my epiphany. It started with a quilt i have yet to finish, a large Queen size quilt which was too ambitious for my beginers skills.
Then soon after that, my grandfather past away, he was a wonderful man with a huge heart and a love for fine men's shirts in beautiful stripes and colours.

When he died my family was going to donate all his clothing but i asked if i could have his shirts with the plan to make a Memory Quilt.
It only took me a few weeks and was an absolute labour of love........i gave to my mother, my grandfathers daughter, for her birthday.

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