Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Seeing Circles..........Literally

So Australia Day Long Weekend is officially over and its back to my real job.

I had a quiet weekend, with my man in Port Maquarie in a Fishing trip, i was able to catch up on alot of "work" i had lying around half finished.

Ive been making Handcut Circle Garlands, out of beautifully printed card.

I started doing this over xmas for family, and found it soothingly hipnotic, cutting the circles out and feeding them one after the other into the sewing machine.

I enjoyed it so much that went a bit crazy with circles, and had thousand of them around the craft room.

Now ive tidied up and finished them all.
I actually really loved the way the scrappy leftover cut out bits looked all piled up together in angular shapes, i wish i could have figured out what to do with them, but sadly they had to go in the bin.

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