Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Broken Hearted

I just realised about two minutes ago that i will be away looking after family when the Stiches and Craft Show is on in Sydney. I had been saving my penny's so that i could splurge on everything i loved for myself as a little bit late birthday present and now i wont be able to go.

Im so sad..........seriously broken hearted.

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Kylie said...

That's bad luck Nicola! You should find a friendly Sydney blogger to be your proxy... but I guess half the fun is buying yourself, isn't it? Online shopping frenzy?

You're a good egg looking after family like that. I'm guessing your karmic brownie points are very high! Many good things await you methinks :)


Emjie said...

That is a shame, when you've been looking forward to the event. But you are a good girl for taking care of family.