Monday, August 31, 2009

How Green does your Garden Grow

I love my garden.
Im so proud of all the lush greenness on my balcony that i try to revel in it every morning with my coffee (plus enjoy the AMAZING ocean view).
Just beacuse im living in an apartment does not mean that i cant be a green thumb, do my bit for the environment and grow my own vegies.
Plus it looks so pretty!


Kylie said...

Hi Nikki! I totally agree with you. I have a green patch of pot plants on my back deck that is the lungs of this house and I love it so much :) Water restrictions mean that even if you have a yard you can't really have a garden anymore I think... so we're all in apartments as far as gardens go ;) Lovely post - thank you! :) K

chloejessica said...

Your garden is lovely, I am jealous! I don't have the best luck with plants! :)

kellie said...

Absolutely beautiful Nic. And an ocean view as well! I'm *green*.

M* (Melanie) said...

Your little garden is so beautiful! I love the higgledy piggledy bits and pieces - the rocks the sticks all scattered here and there. Not to mention the plants! So lovely!