Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stripes and Squares

I started this blanket on my trip away recently (i didnt have much else to do) and just managed to finish it this afternoon! Still thinking about a white border around the outside, or maybe a frill border.......any suggestions?

I also had to fix my poor Granny Sqaure naughty bunny decided it was the best place to take a pee yesterda,y so i chucked it the washing machine without thinking.
Baaaad idea...what i pulled out was a mess of unraveling crochet.
Fixing crochet is harder then creating it. NEVER wash your handmades in the washing machine!


Kylie said...

Such beautiful work and so original! I don't think I've ever seen a granny border on stripes like that and it looks so cool I wonder why no-one ever thought of it :) I think I'd go for straight but frilly would look good too... a straight line around might work best with the inner stripes maybe? Gorgeous work. Commiserations on the washing incident ;) K

Sally said...

O - I am totally loving that. Suffering severe crochet envy here.
(hope it wasn't too hard to fix)