Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Creative Space

My creative space this week is on the floor of my living room. 
Sorry for the terrible photo, the colours are way off and its blurry but you get the idea....right?

In this Picture:
  • Tote bags with fun felt appliques in progress - The colors look way more fluro than they are in real life
  • My Good Sewing scissors - desperate fora sharpening
  • A nice fat new box of pearl head pins
  • A not so little Dolly in progress - my first ever little person softie!
  • A baby bears blanket/quilt with applique patiently waiting its turn
  • Lots of felt gifted by Pat
  • Slippers
Pop in to Kirsty's HERE to play along


Troischats said...

Ah, the Good Scissors ... I'm afraid my Good Scissors are so blunt at the moment that they've actually turned into Evil Scissors!

Michelle M said...

I love the cute little skull and crossbones hehe they are all the rage at the moment aren't they?
Michelle M

Selina said...

love the skull with the bow in its hair?? bones?? hehe. very cute!

Courtney said...

tottally adore the skulls!
I must say your I heart handmade blog badge is sooo cute!!!
love your post

Maureen said...

Even skulls like a bit of ladyfluff it seems.

I read about a woman round here who took a short quick course and became a knife/scissor sharpner who goes round in her van. hint hint

Michelle said...

Blunt scissors are the worst! Your space looks very productive this week.

Kirsty said...

Ah yes the good scissors. Snap.