Sunday, March 15, 2009

When We Were Six - My Creative Space

We had the pleasurable job of hosting our nearly Brother in Law and his six year old daughter this weekend, so our days have been full of child friendly activities and high pitched giggles.

They have stayed with us before so she knows all about my craft supply filled garage and every spare moment at home was spent colouring and printing and sticking.

I decided collage was the safest thing to do, not too much mess and the only dangerous implement being scissors, and since this is Paper month for "Mikes-Make-A-Long" it gave me a chance to work on some of my own stuff. Have a look at the rest of the groups efforts HERE........and please, if you like mine or anyone else's leave a comment!

Below are my efforts.

A little Miss Muffet Collage
A Silhouette Collage
and a Vintage Biggles Collage for the boys

Little Miss Six made the one with the Koala for My Love to keep

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Kirsty said...

you've all done a great job.