Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Words & Pictures - Cosy

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Cosy was the air she breathed that morning, as the raindrops fell on tin roofs around and she awoke with sleep in her eyes and in her ears and on her mind. Wrapped in cream and grey of pillows, sheets and downy quilt.

A morning with no arrangements made and no reason to get up, except the kettle called with a sweet whistle and she could already feel the cold winds blowing in the drafts. So she got out of bed shedding her skins and picking up new ones.

Cosy were the slippers surrounding her feet, a sloppy jumper, satin leapard print pyjamas and a beret for good measure

Green Tea and a cigarette on the balcony, watching the smoke drift out into the storming surrounds and the waves crash violently, relentlessly on the already disappearing sandy shore. A day with nothing to do, warm in her apartment, no reason to do anything but relax as the storms roll on and past and the day does the same.

Warm is her heart to have this space in time to be and have it just for her.

Warm and Cosy.

A nod to Pip of Meet Me At Mikes, for creating such a lovely Meme for  everyone to share and experience - Join in HERE


Megan: The Byron Life said...

I love that... a morning with no arrangements made... wishing for one of those :)
Lovely post.

meet me at mikes said...

Aw.. this instantly makes me want to jammie up and have a 'mental health' day at home, alone with coffee, chai, toast, bath, bed, book and telly too! Thanks for the virtual sleep in!

Word Verification: Imsoupi (!)
Soup should definitely be part of cosy!

Alisa at Ink Caravan said...

How yummy to have a morning like that... they are v.thin on the ground these days.
Nicola, I love your blogs banner, it's so sweet!